no time to sit down...

got back form vacation. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! a more detailed post and pictures to come (once i get my camera fixed...)

but anyways, my band is playing our biggest show yet at the Webster Theatre in CT. its going to be huge and its almost sold out. im so excited/nervous. this'll be my first show after i switched from drums to guitar. gahhh, i cant wait to be on stage again...oh how i've missed it...

here are the details for the show if anyone cares to drop me and see me rock out on stage:

Where - Webster Theater, Hartford CT...MAIN STAGE BABY!!!! (31 Webster Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06114)

When - July 21st (THIS MONDAY). Doors at 7!

Who - All Time Low, Hit The LIghts, Valencia and SHE EATS PLANETS!!! (<--my band)

Cost - $15 (contact me if you want a ticket...I also have ONE guest spot available....come on.....who wants it??)

a couple of my friends are going and that makes me sooo happy. i cant wait to look out into the crowd and pick out some familiar faces.

so the next few weeks are going to be very busy for me. i work today from 4 - close (about midnight). tomorrow im driving up to CT for band practice. monday is the show. i drive home to NY on tuesday. stephanie comes into NY on wed. pick her up, drive back to ct. get the apartment were subletting. settle in. thursday is our 6 month anniversary (!!). friday my band is playing another show at The Amity Teen Center at 10 Selden Street, Woodbridge, CT. saturday i drive back to NY and then work from 4 - close. sunday i work from 4 - close. and then i leave for Prague on the 30th for a week with my family. get back the 6th. drive back up to CT probably the 7th or 8th. and then im there for good until school starts again. *phew...*

well i gotta go run through the songs once more, get dressed, and eat some food before work.

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please please please help my band out!!! it would mean the world to us and only takes a few seconds!!!

Hey guys & Happy Friday!

We need your help! We just entered the Spin Hot Pursuit Contest sponsored by Spin Magazine, Hennessy, and Gibson.
And we need all of you to help us out however you can by heading over to our artist page for the contest and voting for our tune "Music Inside!"

What is the Spin Hot Pursuit Contest? Good question! The Spin Hot Pursuit Contest is our chance at an amazing grand prize package: a record deal with Original Signal/Epic, a prime playing slot at Spin's Year-In-Music event, national press coverage in Spin, and a spanking-new set of Gibson SGs – one SG Standard guitar & one SG Reissue bass.

Second place is a $500 which could translate into a cool party for you guys with Yours Truly as your entertainment!

Anyway, it's a rad prize package and we figure we've got a shot at it.
Nothing to lose, right?

So, here's what we need from you:

1. Head over to our artist page for the contest.

2. Sign up for an account (it only takes a couple seconds. Really.)

3. Look in your email for your verification link. Follow the instructions.

4. Once you sign up, and verify your address you should be taken back to our profile page. At the top of the page is a banner that says: "Spin Hot Pursuit. Vote Now!" Click on "Vote now!"

5. Come back to Myspace (and this bulletin), hit reply, copy this bulletin and paste it into a new bulletin and repost it for us.

You can vote every day (and we'd appreciate it muchly if you did.) After you've voted, go on and add us as friends over there. We've only got a few right now and we LOVE making friends.
(Because you're all so lovely!)

Thanks a million.

Have a planetary weekend

~She Eats Planets

seriously guys!!! this means so much to us!! and i'll love you forever if you vote. and tell all your friends and family to do so as well!!!!


- Jay (your friendly planetary guitarist)
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i just wrote a 10 page paper in one day. it was about nicholas nickleby. i am so glad that im done.

i think i can also officially call myself the king of procrastination.

the end.

....real update soon. i promise.


so im actually here!!! in london!!! its awesome. amazing. rainy, lol, but i love it.

we've seen one play so far Much Ado About Nothing - where Beatrice was played by the same actress who played Madam Hooch in the Harry Potter films. it was extremely well done. we also got a tour of the national theatre where it was held, and the theatre itself is was three stages and its own workshop (thats huge!!!!). the stages range in sizes with the smallest being completely flexible from a circle stage to a regular stage, to anything else you can imagine, the next one you can crop the side of the stage to size you need for your play, and it has 4 movable floors, so 3 different productions can be put on at the same time without having to move the set - just the floors, and the largest stage has a revolving cirlce in the middle and huuuuuuge fly trap. its nuts!!! you can point anywhere on the stage, and you can have a prop lowered from the fly trap to within an inch of your finger. its that good. we were all blown away by the NT. its beautiful. and they also serve ice cream during intermission, heh. what more could you ask for?

but backing up.....lets start from the beginning.

the flight over there was alright, nothing to special. i watched the pirates of the caribbean 3 which was good. when we arrived in london we boarded this charter bus they had for us to take us to out apartments. but first we had to wait for this other girl to arrive and her flight was delayed., so that was another hour. now mind you we arrived new years eve and the last thing we wanted to do was stay in the airport any longer then necessary. but finally we all made it onto the bus. then the drive was like, the road is closed where your apartment is, i can drop you off 10 minutes from it. so were like fine, whatever, we'll walk. but a 10 minute walked turned into a good 20 minute walk with all of us carrying our luggage. not too fun. and we're split up into two apartments which were supposed to be like 10 minutes form each other, nope, they're 45. and we thought we were going to have internet, today was the first day we got. so needless to say, after we got to our apartment we had no way to reach the other group. but we all decided to throw on our nice clothes and go out anyways. we found this bar were we had a few drink and watched the ball drop from the tv. it was a good time.

the second day - we had class at 1 (now class is at 10 am each morning, but its alright, cause its in our apartment, heh, i just feel bad for the guys having to travel 45 minutes each day) which lasted about an hour. we just did an overview and stuff. class normally lasts about an hour to two hours. we then did some exploring and finally wound up at the National Theatre for our tour and to see the play. (see above)
after the play alyssa, sonnie, and i went to the guys apartment to check it out. so we squeezed all 8 of us into the elevator and pushed the 3rd floor button. we didnt move. so i press the ground floor button. nothing happened. i push the door open door. the doors dont budge. so yes. we got stuck in the elevator. fun times let me tell you!!! after 20 minutes of some people freaking out and attempting to manually open the doors they finally opened. we piled out. a great way to end the second night, heh.

so now here we are. at the third day. we did some shopping after class and picked up some essentials. now were just relaxing before the play tonight.

oh, and i found this magazine which had all this information about gay clubs and bars, so im bringing whoever wants to come with me (which is surprisingly almost the whole group!) to a club. im very excited. its gonna be a fun time.

well im gonna head out....but im sure ill have more updates very soon!

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so my other band is going well. really well actually. we have about 5 songs done already and we're still writing more. our playing is getting really tight and im excited for things to happen. but we still dont have a name. this is where you guys come in. we've narrowed it down to our favorites, but we want other peoples opinions as well.

heres a bit about us:

we're 3 girls (possibly getting a 4th)
we're all gay
we're tough chicks
pierced and tattooed
our influences are Nirvana, Distillers, Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill, Jack Off Jill and others
the singer Kim sounds like a cross between Kurt and Brody. She sings, screams and growls.
the bassist Elysa is freaking amazing (plays a 5 string as well). She also does background singing and screaming.
and we want to change the music world forever : )

here are the names we came up with:
liberation nation
the andros
androgyny prodigy
guns are pretty
the hunger
kill the king
f.o.r.t.i.f.y. (female organs retrace the inches from you)

of if you have any other suggestions, we're all ears



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do you know what makes me sad?

when good bands make the wrong decision.

ive been a fan of this band SARCASM from LI for about...6 years now? something like that. i've stuck with them through thick and thin. when they went through member changes and everything. about a year ago i think they made a post saying that they were breaking up. i was devastated. this was a great band and an awesome group of people. so i was very happy to hear that soon after SARCASM's breakup, two of original members of the band were staying together and forming a new band called Drama For The Masses. i was very excited. i couldnt wait for the music. and the new music was great. your typical mainstream rock band, but i was a fan. kerrie was still on bass and vocals and brad was still on guitar and lead vocals. with the addition of another guitarist and drummer, they made a great team. life was good again.

then i found out they got a new singer. since they released their cd before this new singer came along, ive only heard the songs performed by brad and i've fallen in love with them. i like brad's voice. its unique and blends extremely well with kerrie's. well i noticed they had new videos up on youtube. so i check them out cause im curious to know that this new singer sounds like. lets just say i was extremely disappointed....his voice is high and whiny, nothing like the brad's lower more edgy voice. im just not a fan. this makes very sad cause they really are such a great band, but in my mind, this was a bad decision for them...


well if your curious to hear for yourself, take a listen.

here is DFTM myspace page. all the recordings were sung by brad.

here are some videos of the songs with the new singer.
"To Whom It May Concern" and "This Is What We Did In Marching Band"

"Before The Breakdown" (kind of shitty quality...)

"So Long Farewell" (again, kind of shitty quality, but i wanted a comparison for all 3 songs up on their myspace)

in other news do you know what makes me happy?
a clean room and clean clothes

: )


hey all.

i need some good ideas for a halloween costume. any suggestions?

here are a few of my own, what do you think...

1. Clark Kent - Wear a Superman shirt with a button up and tie over it, with the Superman shirt showing.

2. Captain Morgan - Dress like Captain Morgan from the rum bottle (red pirate coat and hat with gold trim, blue pants and cape, boots). Carry a Captain Morgan's Rum bottle.

3. Split Personality - Cut two outfits in half and sew them together. On one side wear a polo shirt, khaki pants, conservative hair, etc. On the other half, go goth: all black clothes, heavy make-up, piercings, tattoos, etc.

4. Kissing Booth - Construct a booth using two boxes, with the opening of the top box facing forward. Add straps so the boxes sit on your shoulders. Spray paint the boxes white and then use red paint to write "Kisses $1" and "Kissing Booth" on them.

5. Keebler Cookie Elf - Get a pair of yellow sweatpants, red socks, elf shoes, green suit-like jacket, white polo shirt, a yellow tie (you can make one out of some fabric and pin it to the shirt), and one of those tall hats. For the hat, cover it with red fabric and a yellow strip near the base. Color your hair white too.


from January 3rd to the 17th im going to be in LONDON!!!!!

im going with my school. we're doing a 6 credit theatre course. we're going to attend class in the morning, and see one or two shows a day. we're gonna be staying in our own apartments with a lot of free time to travel and explore. its gonna be awesome.

needless to say, im wicked excited. no, im beyond excited. im ecstatic. no, im beyond

gahhhhh, IM GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!
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